6.1.1 Vision and Mission of the Institution

6.1.2 Effective leadership is visible in various institutional practices

6.2.1 Institutional Strategic -Perspective plan

6.2.2 Organogram of the Institution

6.2.3 Implementation of e-governance in areas

6.3.1 Welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff

6.3.2 Teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences

6.3.3 Professional development administrative training programs organized by the institution

6.3.4 Faculty Development Programmes FDP

6.3.5 Institutions Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff

6.4.1 Institution conducts internal and external financial audits

6.4.2 Grants received from non-government bodies

6.5.1 institutionalizing the quality assurance strategies and processes

6.5.3 Institution has several collaborationslinkages for Faculty exchange- Student exchange-Internship-Field trip- On-the- job training

6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution





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